Friday, July 3, 2015

Poetry Time

Someday I will have the time to blog more often, or at least have cool things that people want to read. So Wednesday night the moon was full, and it illuminated the sky with a golden hue.

This started a series of poetic thoughts and ideas swirling through my head. Though I am no Poe or Lord Byron, I'm pretty happy with them.

I hope you enjoy :)

Oh Playful Muse

Oh my playful muse, what stories have I dreamt?

Cherubs blush at the nocturnal eves I have spent.

I sing praises of your beauty as my silent soul cries.

The hunter’s moon reflects from your viridian eyes.

Like two oceans sparkling with deviltry delight.

Surrender my doubt with trembled voice in the night.

A bees temporal visit to flower sweet bliss.

Come melt me with the sweet honey from your lips.

Carnal Serenade

A carnal serenade tangled in silk and skin

Sighs whispered from candied lips begin

Vigorous passion radiates essence craved

Limbs linger, sparks ignite, lovers saved   

Wisps falling on petite, creamy skin glistened from above

Two are entwined with poetic pulsating rhythm of love.

Amidst Darkened Skies

Amidst darkened skies

dancing candle light reflect

as heaving breasts rise

Inch by inch, my flesh traces yours

Taking me in, enveloping my love.

Look at the stars. Are they the cause of my strangled cry?

No, it is you, my jewel, my flower, my dove


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