Monday, November 17, 2014

Meet Marcus Campbell

Who is Marcus Campbell?
 My main male character, Marcus Campbell, has his roots in many characters I have read about and watched over the years. His persona developed long before I knew him, the first hint I had of him was in reading "The Lord of the Rings" back when I was 12-13 years old. The heroic Aragorn, seen here as played by Viggo Mortensen, with his bravery and fighting skill set the foundation for Marcus.

That type of bravery mixed with my love of the flawed heroes of Marvel started a lifelong love of creating tragic heroes with a secret. Compare my Marcus, teacher with a dark past and a hidden secret, with Tony Stark, Logan, Bruce Banner, and Peter Parker. The skilled warriors Thor and Captain America, and of course the immortal-like healing of Wolverine (again).
Marcus Campbell is a great fighter and even greater leader. His band of demonic warriors would, have (and did) follow him into overwhelming odds, and they loved him for it...much like Mel Gibson's William Wallace, and Russell Crowe's Maximus Decimus Meridius. Two of my favorite movies. 
That brings me to television, and I would be remise to ignore 4...yes, 4 Joss Whedon creations: Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly (portrayed by Nathan Fillion), Angel (David Boreanaz), Spike (James Marsters), and Giles (Anthony Head). Malcolm Reynolds' wit, as well as Spikes' inspired a lot of Marcus's rapport with his men. If you look closely, you will see Marcus in full by looking at Rupert Giles and Angel: teacher, mentor, trainer, adviser, demon.


The final piece of the puzzle is another one of my favorite television shows, The Highlander. Duncan Macleod (Adrian Paul), epitomizes most qualities I see in Marcus Campbell.   

So, that is my Marcus Campbell. I hope this helps you understand where he came from, and maybe even a glimpse of where he is going.

What does the future hold for a teacher, mentor, warrior and demon?

Book two, The Heart of Seras: The Elders will be out this spring, followed by

book three, The Heart of Seras: Revelation
book four, The Heart of Seras: The Dark Skorei
book five, The Heart of Seras: Into the Abyss
and the exciting conclusion, The Heart of Seras: Journeys End