Monday, September 16, 2013

Ah, the fresh smell of a book...

As a person who does not live by conventional wisdom, it boggles my mind that I have reservations to call myself a writer. I call myself a teacher – I guess because I have three diplomas (and a job) to prove it; and, I call myself a coach – I do have 39 seasons of wrestling and track and field experience to prove it. But to call myself a writer, even though I took many writing classes and Literature courses, and I have spent years crafting my skills, and writing my first of many novels.

I wonder if it’s because I’m not published? I wonder if it’s because I’m afraid of failure? I wonder if it’s because I’m afraid of people judging me?

Would I consider myself a writer if I was published? Is it my personality that makes me so reserved in the face of conventional norms? Or am I just a big fat chicken?

Either way, that is about to change - in two short months The Heart of Seras: Journey to Seras will be published by Rogue Phoenix Press.

The journey I started dreaming of in part twenty years ago and started writing eight years ago is finished and about to go public. I have to say my novel has morphed into something amazing (if I do say so myself). 229 pages of pure adventure for book one. And the next four are outlined and ready for me to get started.

When I look back at my old notes I have to laugh at where the story was and the many changes it went through. Not only the fairly recent moves to make Julie's POV more prominent, add Bhjuda Heilshorn, and delete several unnecessary characters; but, for those of you who had read one of the first 3-4 drafts, did you know that Pertheus was originally named Rydell and was Marcus's best friend, who traveled to Earth with him and once there turns into a talking cat (now known as the non-talking Shakespeare)? That is just utterly ridiculous.

Many of my ideas came from my childhood playing with my brother, David, and my friends Willie, Billy, and Mike. Some of my ideas came from taking a mythology class and a literature class in 2005. In my mythology class I had to do a final project, so I decided to create my own mythological story. Well that became too time consuming, so I wrote a crappy paper comparing Mt. Olympus to Canton's NFL Hall of Fame. I kept the idea of creating my own mythology. The literature class I had to take used the first 3 books of Harry Potter as the reading material. I fell in love with the series.

So armed with an over active imagination, a love of mythology, the idea of a book series, and inspiration of books/television/movies such as "Lord of the Rings," "Gladiator," Highlander," "Buffy," and "Angel," I began making notes and formulating ideas. In 2007 I began typing up the outline and rough draft, and now I completed my first book in a planned series of 5 books.

I can only hope to describe it as “The Lord of the Rings” meets “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” without vampires, wizards or mythological characters.

Another book I am excited about “Seducing Lily” is coming along very well. It is completely different than the Seras Chronicles as it is not a fantasy book, it is a stand alone book, and it is inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita.” I must say it is a dark spiraling tale that will probably shock and confuse most who think they know me. I decided I needed to write this book simultaneously with the Seras Chronicles to give myself a much needed change of pace and it allows me to use other creative outlets not quite right for the Seras Chronicles.

So as I conclude this blog, here is a list of stories and ideas I am working on and how they are proceeding:

The Heart of Seras: The Elders - outlined/progressing (nearly half way finished with rough draft).

THoS: The Dark Skorei – outlined/ready to be written.

THoS: Into the Abyss – outlined/ready to be written.

THoS: Book 5 (untitled) – outlined/ready to be written.

Seducing Lily – Outlined/Progressing (on Chapter 10)

Kingdom of the Rose – Plot/characters listed, outline began/research in progress.

Immortal Trilogy – Plot/characters developed/research in progress.

Sam Singer - plot/characters developed.

White Rabbit - plot/characters developed.

and, Follies of Me – A Collection of Poems and Short Stories: The Toy, Twist of Fate, Altera, Winchester Hollows, and ‘til Death – needs organized and cleaned up.

Thanks for reading!!